Meklet Changelog:

November Rain Update

Robert J. Tomsons, v0.4.34, Thu, 29. Nov 2022

Meklet v0.4.34: Prolog

Actually, the new Meklet update should be released already in the middle of November, but there were a lot of spontaneous developments and cooperations, which I could not foresee before. For example, an acquaintance from my training period as a software developer has joined the Meklet project. This leads to the fact that I have to step out of my compfy-zone to face, also critical, questions. In addition, I now have to explain my project to other people and I can't just pi by thumb it in my head. That presents me with a whole new set of challenges. It's all turning out better than expected right now. In the future I will name my updates after rock classics. The first one is Guns and Roses with November Rain. That fits quite well with the gloomy mood in the world right now, but I don't let myself get carried away by it.


Meklet v0.4.34: Fixes

Meklet v0.4.34: Changes

Meklet v0.4.34: Developer talk

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