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When a Blind Man Cries Update

Robert J. Tomsons, v0.4.35, Sat, 17. Dec 2022

Meklet v0.4.35: Prolog

Creeping Featuritis. Something that can happen quickly in a project. You have an idea for a software and build a first working prototype. Then all of a sudden something unintentional happens. Your brain starts spinning and you have hundreds of ideas you want to incorporate. Maybe even ideas come from your friends and acquaintances or the people you show your software to. At this point you leave your actual path and implement super much stuff that is not really necessary. Worse, that prevents your software from growing. That's what happened to Meklet. i started adding a lot of links and new categories because my brain told me: "you want to index everything, so you have to find all the links from the web and copy them into your source code."

That's a pretty stupid idea, because first of all you don't do that alone and also not by hand. That's why there's software that does it for you later. So I fell into the feature creep trap. How do I get out of it?

First I have to find a target group to focus on. I chose archivists, librarians and social workers at the beginning of the project. These are the ones I want to go back to. Archivists search a lot and have to spend part of their work finding information. Librarians too. Social workers in a certain part as well. Specifically, we have chosen to target these professionals (and a few others) in a particular cultural area. England and U.K. respectively.

What has struck me in recent weeks is how far along individual interest groups, authorities, institutes or working groups are in the field of digitization. No matter if it is archives, libraries, museums, schools or universities. Not only the design is super, but also the technology behind a website. Unfortunately, I don't know that from Germany. Therefore, this version of Meklet Search, will first specialize in domains. I also have the feeling that people from the British Isles are more open to new ideas and not as rigid as their European neighbors. There is also more risk taking, which can be a good advantage for a software project. This makes it easier for us to approach the right people in the future and get them excited about our project.

We won't be using the old searches for now, but we're not throwing them away. I'll keep an eye on them for later, when the project gets bigger and we can implement them back into the system. This time the name patron for the update is the song: When a Blind Man Cries by Deep Purple in the 1997 Remix version from the album Very Best of Deep Purple - Made In Japan. The track is playing almost daily on my MacBook Air.


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